Jun 18 2021


10:15 am - 11:15 am



Plenary – “Mathematics and algorithms for real-time 3D tomographic imaging” (J. Batenburg)


Tomography is a powerful technique for visualizing the interior of an object from a series of its projections, acquired at different angles during a tomographic scan. At the heart of the technique is a mathematical inverse problem (known as “reconstruction”). At present, the steps of image acquisition, reconstruction, and analysis are usually carried out sequentially, often analyzing the data after the scan has long finished.

In this lecture I will present the research of my team, along with many collaborators, to develop mathematical techniques, algorithms, and software that make the entire tomographic imaging pipeline work in “real-time”, while the scan is taking place. The key mathematical challenge is to create reconstruction algorithms that are computationally efficient, while at the same time being capable of computing high quality reconstructions from limited or noisy data, whereas existing inversion techniques can reach either of these goals, but not both at the same time.

I will illustrate the results by providing examples from scientific research (real-time synchrotron tomography and real-time electron tomography), industry (real-time quality control) and cultural heritage (interactive technical art investigation).

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